Jesus' protection through volcanic eruption!

The following is documentation of a dream I have just awoken from.

As the dream begins, I am on a bus trip heading towards a steep mountain with a group of people. I am sitting at the front, diagonally behind the driver, in the left hand aisle (being in Australia this is a right hand drive bus), so I can see clearly out the passenger side of the front windscreen.
Sitting near the back of the bus is a guy I knew in highschool who was always the 'class clown' and he is presenting a rather crass comedy routine with plenty of colourful expletives! As he continues, I recognise the routine from a comedian we used to listen to in highschool in the early 80's (long before I became a Christian) so I turn around and ask him whether the routine is from George Smilovici.

He replies with, “Yeah. I've just been given the green light to present it at our Baptist youth group meeting so I am practising for that”.

My immediate thoughts were that this is yet another sign of how the vast majority of Christianity has lost it's saltiness and become just like the world. I then turn around to watch the journey through the front windscreen as we begin the climb up the mountain.

As our journey continues, I see cans of black spray paint without lids start to appear on the road. The bus driver notices them too. They appear at an increasing frequency and then the lids begin to appear as well. At this point, a little perplexed at this, the bus driver stops the bus and a group of five of us, including the driver, decide we will hike up the mountain from here and collect all the cans and their lids so we can dispose of them. The group consists of the driver and another guy, myself, and two girls. I recall the driver and myself being the ones leading the climb up the mountain.

As we climb, we leave the road and hike through the scrub, heading for the mountain peak. Somewhere along the way, the driver has picked up a huge, black canister similar in shape to the spray cans but much larger. We reach the final and most treacherous climb to the steep and narrow peak and as we get there, the mountain starts to lean slightly, immediately heightening my awareness that this is an active volcano!

I ask the bus driver what he is going to do with the canister and he motions that he's going to roll it down the side of the mountain to an uninhabited place at the bottom and he does so. As the canister gains momentum, the whole mountain begins to tremble so we immediately run through the scrub back down to the valley below. Just before we reach the bottom, a large pyroclastic cloud is ejected from the side of the mountain, narrowly missing us. We spot a two storey log cabin with timber decking around it and head to it for shelter from the rocks and pumice ejected with the cloud.

As we hide on the lower floor, under the staircase, I realise that there's only three of us, being myself and the two other guys. I have no idea what happened to the two girls. The rumbling and noise from falling rock and ash begins to intensify and we are acutely aware that the wooden cabin is no match for a full blown volcanic eruption. While there is a degree of trepidation amongst us, we are all Christians and we know our hope and salvation is in Jesus Christ and He is in full control. All three of us agree that right now is a very good time for humble and heartfelt prayer! The other two ask me to lead so my prayer is something along these lines (I don't remember the exact words but I do remember the content)....

“Our Lord, Jesus Christ, we come before You in prayer to praise You and give You thanks for guiding us in all things. Just as You lived in the flesh and died for us, being risen to eternal glory, we know that no matter what happens to us, as long as we are faithful, You will raise us to eternity with You. If it is Your will for us to physically survive this situation Lord Jesus, we ask that You bring us through this fire so that our testimony is a powerful witness of Your saving hand, bringing You all the glory and honour.
Our Lord Jesus Christ, we pray in Your precious Name, through the protection of Your precious blood.

As we finish in prayer, the house begins to break apart and we find ourselves together on a piece of the wooden decking from the front veranda, holding onto the rails which are still intact. At that moment, the decking breaks loose from the house just as a large lava flow sweeps the foundations of the house, breaking it apart. The piece of decking we are standing on becomes a small raft, carried along on top of the lava flow! Despite what one would expect to happen in this situation, the raft does not burst into flames and none of us are even aware of the heat from the lava immediately below us. What we are aware of is that Jesus Himself is protecting us from what would otherwise be certain death. This reminds me of how Jesus protected Daniel and two others from the flames of Nebuchadnezzar's furnace.

As the lava flow carries us along, it reaches the edge of the sea. With the momentum we have gained, we leave the surface of the lava flow and skim along the now steaming water at a great pace, eventually coming to rest at the foot of another mountain nearby.

My recollection of the remainder of this dream is a little hazy but I do remember there being a large gathering of people at the edge of the sea. As we step off the raft, the water level begins to recede very quickly and, being aware that the lava flow and the earthquake from the eruption has triggered a tsunami, the three of us go into group prayer again. I remember a number of the local people taking notice of our prayers but do not know whether they are Christians or not. After praying, we run at ninety degrees from the direction of the receding water to a point where the water is much less affected and then I wake up.