I just awoke from another dream about lightning at the hand of God.
In this dream, I was once again in a house. This time it was a two storey house and I was in the uppermost room. Although there was no window or skylight in the roof, I could see through it to the sky above and saw thick, dark clouds.
As I was looking, I saw the feint outline of a huge bolt of lightning forming before it struck and I had time to cry out to God for His mercy because I knew this was His hand at work and I feared Him. As I was crying out to Him, the first bolt formed and came crashing straight through the roof. It went right through the floor to the ground below, narrowly missing me.
This occurred numerous times and each time, the lightning narrowly missed me, striking in a different place all around me. All the while, I was crying out to God, letting Him know how much I feared His hand and how much I needed His mercy and protection.
After the storm, knowing that I had been spared, I felt intense joy and again cried out to God but this time with praise and worship!!

The thing that stood out to me the most in this dream was that I saw the formation of the lightning before it struck and I had time to warn others. There were others in this house who did not see the lightning coming and I did indeed warn them of what I had been allowed to see. I cannot recall their response though.

If God, in His mercy and grace, shows you something that is coming, SPEAK ABOUT IT AND WARN OTHERS!!! That is WHY He is showing you.
All throughout history, He has done this so that when people see these things occur, they KNOW it is the hand of God because He said so beforehand. Then people have no excuse for turning their backs on Him and some will repent and turn to Him and follow Him.

Jesus is LORD of ALL whether they realise it now or whether they find out when it is too late for them!